Monday, September 1, 2008

Steve Dressler(Mind Transport Album) meets Lou Reed(Hudson River Meditations Album) @ The Rubin Museum NYC event 1/30/08 "Brainwave"

The 3 links below are as follow. The event I went to (links 1 )
Lou Reed's latest album "Hudson River Meditations" (link#2)
and Lou Reed Official Website (link#3)
Lou Reed Official Web

Finally having the pleasure to meet Lou Reed after the event
and giving him a copy of my album>> Mind Transport>>
My soundtracks reflects a meditative and metaphysical nature
that could be the beginning of a great adventure with a man
who possesses an immense appreciation for sound.

Steve Dressler
Worldwide Visuals And Audios, Inc.

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(Mind Transport Cd- Preview Link)
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

New music Releases August 2008

Worldwide Visual And Audios, Inc.
Steve Dressler releases to 2 cds on &

"Voices" & "Detour On The Rocks"
"UnknownLead Guitarist jams to "Horses' soundtrack
from "Detour On The Rocks". Lead guitarist sounds a little bit
like Jimmy Page+ Steve Dressler on rhythm guitar.

"Voices" and "Mind Transport" soundtracks video presentations @

3 videos with "Voices" soundtracks
3 videos with "Mind Transport" soundtracks
Total of 31 videos on
Finally some wonderful comments on
on 3 of Mind Transport's 12 sound tracks:

1. Mello On The Yellow Brick Road
2. Oasis
3. Oow Ou' Vous Sont

Steve Dressler
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180 enlarged graphic versions.

Enjoy the new releases!